Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rainbow Clouds

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I was so excited to view these clouds I had to share the photos with everyone.
Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?
The following is the information that was shared with me.

They may be what's called "iridescent clouds." Here's a picture in the archive of my favorite website, the Astronomical
Picture of the Day

The explanation says that it's due to the nearly perfectly uniform size of the water droplets and that it's very hard to see unless the sun is blocked, as it was for you.

The jet trail (called a "contrail" for "condensation trail") was very nice, too. It must have been above the iridescent clouds because it cast a shadow on the clouds. The rapid motion shows how the air at different altitudes can be blowing in different directions--and quickly, too. The contrail might have been up in the "jet stream," a high speed flow that can reach speeds of 120 mph.

I now use these photos as my screen saver - I find them very soothing.